I have not received my ticket.

Tickets were sent directly from support@bigtickets.com. Please confirm that your ticket was not sent to spam. If you still cannot find your ticket you can try using Big Ticket’s retrieval system https://www.bigtickets.com/w/retrieve-tickets/. If you still cannot find your tickets you can contact admin@oneteam.la with your name and the email address used to request tickets and we will do our best to assist you in a timely manner.

I received my ticket but there is an issue with the name.

Please direct all changes to the ticket names to support@bigtickets.com. Note that only changes such as typos, initials or nicknames can be changed to match the first and last name on your license as tickets are non-transferable.

I only received one of my tickets.

This was very likely caused by not including a guest in your initial request for tickets. Please contact admin@oneteam.la with the your name and the email used to request your ticket as well as the first and last name of the guest you would like to bring.

Any additional inquiries can be directed to admin@oneteam.la.