Press Releases

January 26, 2024

Coast & Environment Council

About the Council

The Coast and Environment Council was established at the request of Governor Jeff Landry to discuss the dire issues facing the Louisiana’s critically important coast and to propose solutions for those issues. This council was led by Tim Hardy and Tony Alford and included voices from across the political and private sector spectrum in Louisiana.

The findings listed below represent the recommendations made by the council.

A Sustainable Louisiana
Much of Louisiana’s rich ecology, economy and culture depends on a healthy productive
environment. However, the alarming rate of erosion of the state’s coast threatens not only the economy, but also the Louisiana way of life. Communities in the Coastal Zone call out in unison for innovative solutions to tackle coastal issues as quickly as possible, before it becomes too late.

Recommended Solutions
1. Declare a State of Emergency for Coastal Louisiana. This declaration should direct
agencies state and local to act in accordance with CPRA’s approved the Coastal Master Plan.
2. Send a letter of support to the Louisiana U.S. Congressional delegation calling on House and Senate leadership to enact Majority Leader Scalise’s H.R. 1 Lower Energy Cost Act.

3. Establish a separate permitting queue for public projects to reduce delays in erecting critical infrastructure
4. Clarify and define who can challenge state issued permits to ensure appropriate stakeholders are afforded the opportunity to express their concerns without delaying permit decisions through abuse of the current process.
5. Pause all newly created and unimplemented DEQ/DNR agency rules or policy changes until a full review of those rules or policy changes can be conducted.
6. Mandate state agencies and subsidiaries to prioritize projects that will lower flood insurance and homeowner’s insurance rates.

Quantify the potential impacts of proposed projects economically when applicable.


Unleashing Louisiana’s Coastal Workforce
Throughout the past century, Louisianans have built entire industries and incredible public infrastructure along Louisiana’s coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. From this experience, Louisiana’s companies and workers have developed the unique expertise that is now required to address the coastal emergency. The Council recommends that Governor Landry tap this potential to the maximum extent possible.

Recommended Solutions
7. Encourage legislation that sets preferences for Louisiana owned and operated small business.
8. Implement a 6% set aside for Veteran owned firms in all state contracts.